Vyšší Brod

A treasury of cultural and natural beauties

Everyone will carry away unforgettable experience from the Vyšší Brod region, whether he decides to go for quiet recesses of beautiful nature, sporting challenges or fascinating relics from the past!

The idyllic town of Vyšší Brod is situated amidst a magical landscape of southeast Bohemian Forest (Šumava) and it is just a stone’s throw to Upper Austria. Long ago there were caravans of traders wading through the Vltava River here, nowadays Vyšší Brod is a destination of all who search for unrepeatable experience and want to have a cosy rest. The local Cistercian abbey was established by the powerful Rosenberg family (Rožmberkové) in the year 1259 as a dignified place of their eternal rest. In the oasis of spiritual peace of the living monastery, the visitors uncover valuable treasures of the past: beautiful library with 70,000 books, the Madonna of Vyšší Brod and also a legendary cross named Závišův, which is usually on a par with the Bohemian Crown Jewells. You can also plunge into postal history in a well-known Postal Museum. Do not miss the opportunity to hear the rustle of St. Wolfgang’s Waterfalls, a mysterious atmosphere of Devil’s wall (Čertova stěna) or the extraordinary feeling while standing on the most southern point of the Czech Republic. Vyšší Brod is a starting pointof all watermen’s trip on the river Vltava. The boat rentals will satisfy everyone whether he favours canoes or rafts. And what if some traditional curious and funny watercrafts set sail on the Vltava River!

Local hotels and guesthouses have interesting offers of comfortable accommodation. Restaurants in Vyšší Brod do not forget the local specialties and products of local small brewery, confectionery or bakery have won favour of countless visitors. Besides, out in the open and fresh air one gets hungry very quickly.



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