Kraví hora

Žulová kráska z výhledem na město

Medium demanding trip offering beatufull sceneries of east Šumava. Just going through this beautifull trail makes you relax. Walk through the oldest part of Vyšši Brod, get inspired by creations of wood workers and see the majestic herd of buffalos near Lachovice. The air currents around Kraví hora have beneficial effects that could be compared to effects of air spa. When reaching the peak you are greated by a view of Vyšši Brod and the Cistercian monastery.

Starting point and destination: Centre of Vyšší Brod

Duration of the trip: approximately 4 hours

Lenght: 8 kilometers

Elevation: 240 meters

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48° 38' 3.4", 14° 19' 12.2"
2 km od Infocentra