Vyšší Brod Cistercian Abbey

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Vyšší Brod Monastery – the spiritual centre of South Bohemia

What will you see during the tour:

  • The legendary CROSS OF ZÁVIŠ. One of the most significant examples of medieval goldsmith in Europe
  • ABBEY CHURCH has always been the undetachable part of the monastery. Its foundations followed closely the monastery’s foundation in the 13th Century, yet the construction was not finished until after approx. a hundred years, in the 1350s. The church’s groundplan shaping a cross is directed to the east.  Concerning the church’s dimensions, the height is 17.5 mts incl. vault, 52 mts long, and the transept is 29 mts wide.
  • HIGH ALTAR in the early baroque style fills the whole frontal area of the presbytary. It was created by two Cistercian lay-brothers: Linhart Wulliman, the woodcarver, and Georgius, the painter. The altar is made of extensively gilted wood, and its central picture changes four times a year according to the liturgy periods
  • THE PAINTINGS´ GALLERY is situated in the 1st floor above the cloister’s western wing. The previous monastic cells were made into a neoclassical gallery bet. 1835-38 according to a design by K. Jambora from Český Krumlov. This three-naved hall implements the Bohemian vaults with the Tuscan pilling.Its highlights are the collections of baroque Bohemian paintings, particularly the works by Peter Brandl, Jan Kašpar Hirschelly, and Norbert Grund. 
  • VYŠŠÍ BROD MONASTERY'S LIBRARY is the third largest  monastic library in the Czech Republic (contains about 70.000 volumes). But it is said to be the most beautiful one!
    • THE LIBRARY PASSAGE originated in the same time as the gallery and contains predominantly later, specialized books. The medallion pictures of the abbots from the 16th to the 19th Centuries that are exposed above the book-cases are particularly noteworthy.
    • THE PHILOSOPHICAL HALL is the smaller one of both the library’s halls, and contains literature from various fields of study, but mostly Philosophy. On the ceiling there is a fresco by the monastery’s lay-brother Lukáš Vávra (late 18th Century). It depicts a motif from the Old Testament: Salomon sits in judgement.
    • THE THEOLOGICAL HALL is the largest room in the monastery’s library. It encompasses theological literature, from which the collection of Bibles in more than 40 languages is notable. The white hogskin bindings were manufactured in the mid-18th Century thanks to Quirinus Mickl, a highly educated abbot of that time. The ceiling fresco is by L. Vávra (18th Century). It expresses again a biblical motif, this time, however, from the New Testament: the 12-year-old Jesus is shownteaching in the Jerusalem Temple.

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