Devil´s Wall (Čertova stěna)

National Nature Reserve

Devil´s wall is one of the most attractive tourist areas of Vyšebrodsko and all of Lipensko. It is easies to access from a parking lot near a road connects Vyšší Brod, Loučovice and Lipno nad Vltavou. Though this is not the only way to access it, you can also get to it on fot. One of the most beautifull roads to it is a narrow path through the forest called Abbots way. From Devils wall to Vyšší Brod you can get by a forest pathway and then a narrow asphalt road that will lead you around reservoir Lipno II. Even kids can manage this path, only the first part contains steep elevation. This pathway can be used all year but in the winter it is not maintained. You will get to know many interesting things about Abbots path 

Abbots path II

From Rožumberská gate of the monastery this path followes Abbots path, it offers a view of work of master stonemanons. Granite from surroundings of Vyšší Brod was also used to build the monastery. During the wandering you will draw information from three information panels about Abbots path, history of paths between Vyšší Brod and Loučovice and about Devils wall itself.

The quarry

From the Abbots path you can stray to location of old quarry, where you  can see large amounts of in different stages of processing.

Devils wall

This sea of stone will stun you by its mysterious and majestic atmosphere. You will understand what inpired master Smatana to compose an opera bearing name of this place. Devils wall goes on from right side of Vltava and its a part of National Nature Reserve Devils wall and Luč. From so called Devils pulpit above Devils wall there is a beautifull view of peak Luč.

The tail tells that Devils wall is a remain of doing of the Devil himself - huge stone dam that was meant to dam up Vltava so that the water would destroy newly build Vyšší Brod monastery. The morning confounded Devils plans, when the reing of dark powers was ended by roosters squak. Unfinished dam was destroyed by the water and left huge amounts of stone around the river. Vyšší Brod monastery was saved and it exists untill today.

Pressure pipeline of Spirs power plant

Big steal preassure pipeline once used for powering up Spirs water power plant build on the start of 20. century. It will catch your eye while comming back from Devils wall. The pipeline has radius of 1.8 meters and it is 500 meters long.




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